Citroën Aircross Expedition Portraits

Last year, together with David Santos Junior and the G2 Adventure staff, we followed the Citroën Aircross Expedition.

During the 33-day trip through some of Brazil’s most beautiful places, we drove more than 8000 kilometre crossing some 250 counties in 10 Brazilian states! You can read more about all those numbers and about the people who traveled with us on G2 Adventure’s Blog (portuguese only) or from the Expedição Citroën Aircross Blog.

From my end, I took more than 19,000 pictures during 34 restless days… Apart from all kinds of stuff we shot there, we were traveling with a floating number of more than 40 people and though it wasn’t part of my job description, I always like to shoot portraits. Sometimes I just get spontaneous snapshots and in other occasions I see a beautiful background and try to “grab” the people so I can make them some nice images.

This is just a sample of some of the hundreds of portraits I shot on the road from the folks who joined the trip…