Red Bull BC One All Stars 2012


In February, I had the privilege to shoot together with my friend Marcelo Maragni the 2012’s Red Bull BC One All Stars team in Rio de Janeiro. Marcelo took care of the action shots while I did portrait and lifestyle. You can probably see Marcelo’s action stuff when he updates his blog… It was a great pleasure working with B-boys Cico, Lil G, Neguin, Pelezinho, Ronnie and Roxrite and a … Read more

When too much goes on in our heads…

We work a lot. Sometimes under very stressful situations and for long periods of time. One of the main things we need to do to keep functioning as a productive team is to keep up the good humor and I’m proud to say we manage to do that pretty well. WARNING! The following is pure crap! No aesthetic concern nor good content is involved, it’s just something we do from … Read more

Citroën Aircross Expedition Portraits


Last year, together with David Santos Junior and the G2 Adventure staff, we followed the Citroën Aircross Expedition. During the 33-day trip through some of Brazil’s most beautiful places, we drove more than 8000 kilometre crossing some 250 counties in 10 Brazilian states! You can read more about all those numbers and about the people who traveled with us on G2 Adventure’s Blog (portuguese only) or from the Expedição Citroën … Read more

Aerial images from Mitsubishi Cup – Paulínia 2011


This is a short sample gallery of aerial images shot on the Mitsubishi Cup that was held in Paulínia (São Paulo – Brazil) last weekend. The Mitsubishi Cup is a Brazilian cross-country rally circuit on it’s 12th yearly season with seven races to be held in different towns around the country in 2011. We have been covering Brazilian-Mitsubishi rallies for quite a few years now and as usual, the opening … Read more

Family promotion

Hi, I just figured I could make some family promotion here on my blog 😀 My dad just launched a brand new website featuring some of the best advertising photography in Brazil, check it out! We also have a great photography rental studios in São Paulo, Brazil! My brother is featuring some of his work on Vimeo, he is a great film director just starting the production of a TV series … Read more

Hello World Again! I'm Back Online…

Hello world! After a loooooong break in my online presence, I’m glad to announce that I’m back!

Better than ever, with a new wealth of knowledge, fresh pictures and last but not least, a brand new website!!!!

The portfolio has gotten totally awesomely reworked, with quite a few unedited stuff and with images some of you may know. The Photoshelter integration will be working better than ever for the online Image Archive so you clients out there can search, browse and purchase images easily without ever leaving my website!

I’ve posted a selection of some legacy news/posts from my former website in the blog and a lot of new stuff is coming. There is a brand new projects section, debuting with a worth seeing experimental movie shot with still images and I still have some tricks that will be making their way into the website in the coming months.

I’m so happy and relieved to have finished this! I’m a humble photographer with no prior web-design or programing knowledge and I built this whole new website practically from scratch… On the other hand, I could never had done this alone. I had to learn a lot of hardcore new stuff to get it live and I can’t be thankful enough to all the people involved, most of whom I never met and many I can’t even name because their help just came out as some useful info in a google search…

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