Bravo Mickey Smith!

This is one of the best self-portraits I’ve ever seen from a photographer, no words, you gotta see it… Btw, if his english sounds kind of hard, watch again until you catch every word. The text is as beautiful as everything else in this piece…

PhotoInterview – The main thing is in focus

Julia May, a regular contributor to the awesome Smashing Magazine and Dima Chebakova, put up a website showcasing beautiful work by some brilliant photographers while telling stories about who’s behind the lenses. Check out PhotoInterview!

ps. it’s a russian website but it has an english version though it’s not thorough

3D Skateboarding photography with an 8×10″ large format film camera

While we run out of our last film stocks, German photographer Sebastian Dens is doing 3D skateboarding shots with a Stein 8×10″ Large Format film camera!! Check it out at The Creators Project…

2 Year Long Time-lapse project for the BBC

David Attenborough explains how producer Neil Lucas, cameraman Tim Shepherd and graphic designer Mick Connaire tackled a highly complex two-year-long time-lapse project for the BBC.

They were documenting the life and growth of plants during a one year course on a tiny english woodland location. It’s worth watching!

Pre-conceived Shots


As I rappelled down the cliff, the scene began to shape itself in front of my eyes. Clouds, coming in from the south, gave a mystery touch to the landscape and contrast between light and shadow, painted lines, movement and grace into it. Hanging from a fixed rope, just as light was beginning to fade, I could see Tom and Rosita coming closer, rapidly climbing the route’s last stretch.

He had to come really close so we could get the wide-angle shot we needed and time was running out. My fixed line offered me very limited movement freedom so all I could do was stay there and wait and suddenly, just like magic and in perfect timing, each piece of the puzzle took it’s place. Tom got there just right, we co-ordinated things, clouds cleared the vision of the col. and light was, what can I say? Just perfect…!

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Photography, Vision and Ethics


What is more real: a picture that doesn’t communicate, does not tell the story, or a carefully thought shot, that clearly conveys what you saw or felt in a given moment?

Where is the thin line that separates a worked shot from faking a whole scene?

Photography that communicates visions, feelings and the vivid experience of the world around us is what I believe in. My ethical commitment is showing people a universe that is as real as the world out there to be seen.

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