Bravo Mickey Smith!

This is one of the best self-portraits I’ve ever seen from a photographer, no words, you gotta see it… Btw, if his english sounds kind of hard, watch again until you catch every word. The text is as beautiful as everything else in this piece…

Renan Ozturk’s My Day “Living the Dream”

Super talented Film-maker, artist and climber Renan Ozturk shows a small self-portrait video of a day in his life…

I’m at a loss for words, check it out 🙂

BTW, if you like it, check out the making of he did!

PhotoInterview – The main thing is in focus

Julia May, a regular contributor to the awesome Smashing Magazine and Dima Chebakova, put up a website showcasing beautiful work by some brilliant photographers while telling stories about who’s behind the lenses. Check out PhotoInterview!

ps. it’s a russian website but it has an english version though it’s not thorough

You may feel lighter when you look at it…

Today a friend just showed me a website that I must share with you.

I present you Priscilla Gragg, a San Diego-based Brazilian photographer who does a very lovely work. She makes people look beautiful, happy, and smart with her lifestyle photography. I love that, we see tragedy every day in the news and pic galleries but when I see something such as Pri’s work, it makes my heart feel lighter and smile.

She created a very beautiful repertoire she uses for her professional work, has a very feminine touch to her creativity, always brings new elements, framing and small touches… I love when she cuts people’s eyes out of the frame! Thanks for the inspiration Pri, you must be a happy person!

Do make sure you check out her blog. Below is just a selection of some of the posts I liked the most…

3D Skateboarding photography with an 8×10″ large format film camera

While we run out of our last film stocks, German photographer Sebastian Dens is doing 3D skateboarding shots with a Stein 8Ă—10″ Large Format film camera!! Check it out at The Creators Project…

The Making-of Porcelana

Check out the making-of a matrix-style greek spot ad called Porcelana by Real Creations. Definitely worth seeing.

Who said a big dolly crane needs to be expensive?

Another great one by Chase and his crew, they are awesome at sharing stuff, thanks guys! This one struck me for the great cheap big dolly crane they built to shoot this beach scene (it comes after 5:35 minutes of nice video).

Check out the full post on the link above and make sure to check out Chase Jarvis’s blog for other great posts

How to shoot cars on location by Roberto Bigano

A great post by photographer Roberto Bigano on how he did studio like shots of cars on location.

The Bugatti sessions is the first post of a series on professional photo shooting for Manfrotto and it’s worth checking!!

A Guide To Taking Better Pictures… by Samsung

A very nice advertising video by Samsung showing how you can take better pictures through nice composition (fun):

2 Year Long Time-lapse project for the BBC

David Attenborough explains how producer Neil Lucas, cameraman Tim Shepherd and graphic designer Mick Connaire tackled a highly complex two-year-long time-lapse project for the BBC.

They were documenting the life and growth of plants during a one year course on a tiny english woodland location. It’s worth watching!