Red Bull BC One All Stars 2012

In February, I had the privilege to shoot together with my friend Marcelo Maragni the 2012’s Red Bull BC One All Stars team in Rio de Janeiro.

Marcelo took care of the action shots while I did portrait and lifestyle. You can probably see Marcelo’s action stuff when he updates his blog…

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Vilcanota Mountain Range

Shot in July 2008, this movie was back then, my first experiment on mixing motion with digital still photography. and much has changed since then.

It’s a visual story of a climbing expedition to the beautiful Vilcanota Mountain Range in South Eastern Peru.

Led by spanish mountain guide Pere Vilarasau Alsina and featuring Dante Alegria (Argentina), Manuela Mendez (Chile) and MarĆ­a Paz Ibarra (Chile) as climbers, the North Face sponsored expedition traveled to picturesque scenarios in the beautiful mountain range.

Back in camp with all the gear used to shoot the Vilcanota North Face pictures.

It was a moment of firsts:

  • First time I opened and used a non linear editing software (Final Cut Pro)
  • First time editing visual effects (earth spinning and titles) in Adobe After Effects
  • First time editing audio and thinking of soundtrack
  • First time I heard the word Codec!
  • First time I understood moving pictures was a whole other deal and I was totally hooked into it…

As it probably happens a lot, looking back at what I did 4 years ago I’d change almost everything but the best pictures and main music of the soundtrack but then, let time be time, let learning be learning and evolution be what it is: a sneak peek into the unknown future.

Oh BTW, how I love my portable power sys!

Bravo Mickey Smith!

This is one of the best self-portraits I’ve ever seen from a photographer, no words, you gotta see it… Btw, if his english sounds kind of hard, watch again until you catch every word. The text is as beautiful as everything else in this piece…

When too much goes on in our heads…

We work a lot. Sometimes under very stressful situations and for long periods of time. One of the main things we need to do to keep functioning as a productive team is to keep up the good humor and I’m proud to say we manage to do that pretty well.

WARNING! The following is pure crap! No aesthetic concern nor good content is involved, it’s just something we do from one shot to another to have a good laugh at night and to keep our minds healthy for the next day šŸ™‚

Renan Ozturk’s My Day “Living the Dream”

Super talented Film-maker, artist and climber Renan Ozturk shows a small self-portrait video of a day in his life…

I’m at a loss for words, check it out šŸ™‚

BTW, if you like it, check out the making of he did!

Citroƫn Aircross Expedition Portraits

Last year, together with David Santos Junior and the G2 Adventure staff, we followed the Citroƫn Aircross Expedition.

During the 33-day trip through some of Brazil’s most beautiful places, we drove more than 8000 kilometre crossing some 250 counties in 10 Brazilian states! You can read more about all those numbers and about the people who traveled with us on G2 Adventure’s Blog (portuguese only) or from the ExpediĆ§Ć£o CitroĆ«n Aircross Blog.

From my end, I took more than 19,000 pictures during 34 restless days… Apart from all kinds of stuff we shot there, we were traveling with a floating number of more than 40 people and though it wasn’t part of my job description, I always like to shoot portraits. Sometimes I just get spontaneous snapshots and in other occasions I see a beautiful background and try to “grab” the people so I can make them some nice images.

This is just a sample of some of the hundreds of portraits I shot on the road from the folks who joined the trip…
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Aerial images from Mitsubishi Cup – PaulĆ­nia 2011

This is a short sample gallery of aerial images shot on the Mitsubishi Cup that was held in PaulĆ­nia (SĆ£o Paulo – Brazil) last weekend.

The Mitsubishi Cup is a Brazilian cross-country rally circuit on it’s 12th yearly season with seven races to be held in different towns around the country in 2011.

We have been covering Brazilian-Mitsubishi rallies for quite a few years now and as usual, the opening race of the season brings something different. Last weekend we had an awesome brand new circuit built by the Mitsubishi team in PaulĆ­nia, a small but promising town in the SĆ£o Paulo state country side.

68 teams raced across the 15 Km high-speed-dusty circuit crowningĀ Cristian Baumgart and Beco Andreotti as the overall winners.

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Valle Encantado – Picture of The Day

Igor Epof climbing in Valle Encantado, Bariloche, RĆ­o Negro – Argentina, 2010.

Nikon D300 Camera RAW file, with Nikkor 70-200mm AF-S VR f/2.8 lensĀ at ISO 200, 1/1000 sec. and f/2.8 processed with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

PhotoInterview – The main thing is in focus

Julia May, a regular contributor to the awesome Smashing Magazine and Dima Chebakova, put up a website showcasing beautiful work by some brilliant photographers while telling stories about who’s behind the lenses. Check out PhotoInterview!

ps. it’s a russian website but it has an english version though it’s not thorough

You may feel lighter when you look at it…

Today a friend just showed me a website that I must share with you.

I present you Priscilla Gragg, a San Diego-based Brazilian photographer who does a very lovely work. She makes people look beautiful, happy, and smart with her lifestyle photography. I love that, we see tragedy every day in the news and pic galleries but when I see something such as Pri’s work, it makes my heart feel lighter and smile.

She created a very beautiful repertoire she uses for her professional work, has a very feminine touch to her creativity, always brings new elements, framing and small touches… I love when she cuts people’s eyes out of the frame! Thanks for the inspiration Pri, you must be a happy person!

Do make sure you check out her blog. Below is just a selection of some of the posts I liked the most…