PhotoInterview – The main thing is in focus

Julia May, a regular contributor to the awesome Smashing Magazine and Dima Chebakova, put up a website showcasing beautiful work by some brilliant photographers while telling stories about who’s behind the lenses. Check out PhotoInterview!

ps. it’s a russian website but it has an english version though it’s not thorough

You may feel lighter when you look at it…

Today a friend just showed me a website that I must share with you.

I present you Priscilla Gragg, a San Diego-based Brazilian photographer who does a very lovely work. She makes people look beautiful, happy, and smart with her lifestyle photography. I love that, we see tragedy every day in the news and pic galleries but when I see something such as Pri’s work, it makes my heart feel lighter and smile.

She created a very beautiful repertoire she uses for her professional work, has a very feminine touch to her creativity, always brings new elements, framing and small touches… I love when she cuts people’s eyes out of the frame! Thanks for the inspiration Pri, you must be a happy person!

Do make sure you check out her blog. Below is just a selection of some of the posts I liked the most…

3D Skateboarding photography with an 8×10″ large format film camera

While we run out of our last film stocks, German photographer Sebastian Dens is doing 3D skateboarding shots with a Stein 8×10″ Large Format film camera!! Check it out at The Creators Project…